Since 1983 Photodyne Technologies has been a leader in manufacturing specialized photographic equipment for use in grossing, pathology, forensic labs, and other macro-photography applications.



Our systems are now available with low voltage D.C operation which further promotes safety. The units are supplied with top of the line digital cameras, ranging in resolution from 15 megapixels and higher. A proprietary software is included, which allows the user to control the camera and the unit from the PC; the system connects directly to the user’s computer via a USB port. The scene is viewable on the computer screen in real time, which allows user’s modifications before taking the shot. Once the picture is snapped, the data are transferred to the hard drive through a USB port and stored in the user’s specified location; the picture is then ready to be used in presentations, archiving, email attachments, research, lectures and more.

The image at the right shows our production line at our Southern California location; at the left is a picture of our top of the line model, with an integrated flat screen, keyboard and mouse drawer, and space for the computer below the main unit. The entire unit is situated on a movable cart.

Our company also provides upgrades on our older models. The upgrade includes machining of new parts, anodizing and painting, additional hardware, overhaul of the column mechanism and motor, a new digital camera, proprietary software installed on your PC, and re-wiring of the entire unit electrically. Both new and upgraded units come with a full 1 year warranty, parts and labor.

Pathology Digital Camera

Digital Camera System

Our systems are used mainly in medical and pathology labs, as well as other disciplines in science and commerce such as metallography, gemology, forensics, geology and general research. The

lighting used is a professional photo-lab quality warm white light generated by either a halogen lamp, or LEDs, or special warm white fluorescent source. We also specialize in custom design, we build to suit the customer’s specific needs. Our units are supplied with a special blue background top that is interchangeable with the white top. Using this blue layover enhances the picture’s contrast and provides excellent results; our proprietary software controls all the normal attributes of the camera.

Above image shows our top of the line model, which comes with a flat screen, keyboard and mouse drawer, and space for the computer and additional hardware below the main unit. The unit is situated on a movable medical-grade cart for easy transport.