Light tables

Photodyne Technologies is happy to present an extension to its line of professional macro-photography systems. This new line of light-tables is aimed at the professional macro-photographer. Many models are available, our company specializes in custom design to meet your specific needs of size and complexity.

Standard sizes include our basic series V700 models measuring 20 by 30 inches; these units can be a stand-alone system as a table-top model, or they can be supplied with an integrated utility cart on which the light-table is situated. The utility cart affords ample space for storage of a computer and various other hardware and it comes with a built-in keyboard and mouse drawer.

Smaller models are available, measuring 13 by 20 inches; this unit is a table-top model.

All our units are equipped with an external UL listed power converter for maximum safety, and all internal and external lights are high-efficiency LEDs. The internal control electronics and all its associated circuitry operates on low 12 Volts DC power.

All models are available with the following options:

  • A vertical column on which your camera can be placed easily with any of the above models, using a quick-disconnect horse-shoe type mechanism. The camera can then be moved up and down with the press of a switch on the front panel, making it easy to bring the camera very close to the photographed subject.
  • Side light arms, for excellent illumination of the subject from 45degrees angles on both sides of the unit
  • An integrated digital camera can be supplied with any of the above models; the cameras supplied with our systems are top of the line digital cameras; there are a number of cameras that the user can select, either a Point-and-Shoot or a DSLR.
  • Together with the camera Photodyne Technologies also supplies a professional proprietary program to be installed on your computer. The program allows taking professional shots and storing them in your destination on your hard-derive. The quality of the images is superb, when the user zooms into the saved image there is virtually no loss of resolution.
  • In addition to the above we also supply light-tables with various other sizes per the customer’s requirements, usually at no extra cost.
  • Software suites: All our systems are supplied with proprietary software which controls the camera and the unit. The software allows image capture while the scene is viewable on the screen in real time. The data are transferred to the hard drive of your PC immediately after the image is shot; no need to connect the camera to the PC or to remove the flash memory card from the camera after the job is done. The image can be manipulated with photo editing suite; the user can archive, retrieve, and send the image as an attachment to email.
  • Lighting: All lamps are high efficiency LED type, low voltage
Platform, Transluminated area, Models 701 and 702: 19” x 28”, Model 703: 13” X 20”
Operating voltage 100VAC to 250VAC, 50/60 Hz
Current requirement 3 Amp maximum

Additional data:

Digitized image allows storing, retrieving, sending, printing and editing of the image of any photograph, slide, chart, and X-Ray image. The program suite of the V700 series is PC controlled and compatible with any format.

Interchangeable backgrounds : The professional blue background is ideal for gross specimen photography, while the white diffusion background eliminates unnatural color in gel and in X-Ray photography.

Remote Operation : Through the use of our software suite all the operations on the camera are done with the keyboard or the mouse. An optional Foot-mouse for hands-free operation is also available, which reduces the chances for contamination – no physical contact with the controls on the unit or with the camera.

Tag Holder : available, to hold 5 cm scale I.D. tags. Can be positioned accurately to provide a frame of reference on the photograph.

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