Three basic lab models are available: Model 701 is a floor system, complete with a movable cart structure that allows one to store the computer and other hardware in the bottom section; Model 702 is a table top unit, to be used on a table in your lab, and model 703 is a smaller unit, also a desk-top model.The larger two units have an area of about 20 by 30 inches on top available for specimen photography. Model 703, a smaller machine, has a top area of 13 by 19. The height of the machines is about 8 inches, with the exception of the Console (Floor Model) which is attached to a movable cart with four wheels for easy moving. Please see above drawings for more details.systems2b

Model 801 is a full body system, designed to be placed permanently in the morgue. This unit is installed at your location by our personnel; it can take a shot of an entire body, looking from above. The system is designed to fit your exact needs in the morgue; please call our office for more details and to discuss your specific needs.